cosmetici a base di olio di argan biologico

Our Creams and Oils

The Al.Iksir D' Argan line 100% natural ad organic, was created with the combination of the active principles contained in argan oil and the Dermo-protective and restucturing properties of the essential oils.These products are extracted and stored in a natural way.

Our creams and oils are real essences of beauty from nature.


    from biologically grown Argan trees, it’s a natural hypoallergenic. It has a soothing effect on the skin, stimulating its renewal and neutralizing free radicals


    an essential component of the dermis, provides the skin resistance and elasticity


    rich in vitamin A, has a powerful anti-ageing effect, providing skin elasticity and youthfulness


    helps the natural repair processes of the skin, restoring its elasticity due to high concentration of omega-6


    thanks to its high content of Omega-6, it is considered a true elixir of beauty and may be used by all skin types, it is also a potent adjuvant in the natural healing process of the skin


    rich in vitamin A, has a powerful anti-ageing effect, providing skin elasticity and youthfulness


    thanks to the combination of omega- 3 and 6 , it helps to prevent moisture loss in the skin, and is effective in maintaining moisture balance


    it's softening properties leave the skin toned and soft


    because of their moisturizing and elasticizing properties, they leave the skin radiant and toned


    It is a strong antioxidant and anti-ageing remedy , it has a soothing, firming effect on the skin and helps to repair the dermi


    the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent skin disorders and relieve muscle pain


    decreases inflammation and pain. Helps to ease general aches and pain in muscles and joints


    Normalizes the flogosy of the muscular and skeletal system, the best adjuvants of the natural anti-inflammatory processes of our body

    siero antiage viso decoltè 100% argan biologico

    Argan Antiage Serum

    Pure organic Argan oil rich in Vitamin E is ideal for face and neck; it aids in the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, fights free radicals and improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles and dryness. It also promotes oxygenation and cell regeneration , benefits skin health by preventing oxidative damage from environmental pollution and UV radiation.

    after cleansing and toning, apply serum to face and neck. Allow serum to dry and follow with your day or night Moisturiser

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    Illuminating Antiage Day Cream

    Thanks to the active ingredients and essential components, it immediately enhances smoothness and suppleness, to recover the skin’s elasticity and repairing damaged tissue, accelerating epithelial regeneration.

    Hypoallergenic, indicated for all skin types.

    apply morning and evening to a cleansed face; Massage delicately with circular movements to facilitate in depth penetration and complete absorption. For best results, use in combination with the Argan Anti-Age Serum. Excellent as a make-up base

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    Crema antiage illuminante giorno
    crema antirughe ristrutturante notte

    Restructuring Antiage Night Cream

    Suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive, Daily use stimulates renewal of skin cells and boosts elasticity leaving the skin moisturised and supple.

    Apply at night to a cleansed and dry face. Avoid contact with eyes. Use in combination with the Argan Anti-Age Serum

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    Tonic Facial Scrub

    Gentle tonifying facial Scrub for sensitive skin formulated to restore the normal hydro-lipid surface of the skin. Thanks to apricot granules and essential oils, dead skin cells are removed, leaving the skin feeling soft and


    After cleansing with warm water, apply scrub and massage

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    scrub tonico viso a base di argan e microgranuli di albicocca
    Balsamo Rigenerante Corpo

    Regenerating Body balm

    A moisturizer with toning properties to deeply nourish and restore the skin's natural firmness , the skin becomes more toned and smoother.

    Suitable for all skin types.

    Apply to entire body after bathing or showering, massaging delicately until completely absorbed.

    for best results, use in combination with moisturising restructuring body oil Al.Iksir D'Argan

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    Moisturising Restructuring Body Oil

    The soothing and revitalizing properties aid in the healing process of the skin and musculoskeletal system. Daily use enhances skin smoothness and elasticity. Suitable for all skin types.

    Apply to entire body after bathing or showering, massaging delicately until completely absorbed.

    For best results, use in combination with regenerating body balm Al.Iksir D'Argan

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    Olio Corpo Idratante Ristrutturante
    Balsamo Viso Antiage Uomo

    Regenerating Anti-age Face Balm

    Contains powerful active ingredients which help to repair , tone , and protect the skin after shaving ,leaving the skin looking healthy and radiant.

    Suitable for all skin types. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

    Apply morning and evening . Specially recommended as an aftershave.

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    Buoite in legno, preziose confezioni regalo

    Essence of Nature, Essences Night, Essences Day

    Three elegant boite in thuya wood holding your essences of nature.

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